Today, I say goodbye to you. No more holding on …no more daydreaming of the memories we’ve had good or bad. I love you and I can’t say that I will always love you. Its time for me to fully love someone. Someone who wouldn’t hurt me and I wouldn’t hurt them like we’ve done to each other. They ay love never fails and I believe that …I once loved you yet I loved the idea of having you during a chapter in my life.


At this moment I am fully letting go of what we had . The memories and the pictures.


This year is the year to finally let someone love me fully and not just giving half of my heart because I let you still have it. I want someone to actually love me not the idea of me. Even though my heart feels like its falling apart I know its still intact. I know what its like to feel alone. Ive felt it I’ve seen it.


I just want the once to know that Ive been with I’m really saying goodbye . You can’t have a place in my heart anymore. It’s time for me to give my whole heart to the real man who actually wants it.





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