To The One God Chose For Me



My Love,

God picked the perfect timing to put you into my life. I have been working and preparing myself for you. My past has taught me many things that I can never see us going through. You are just so wonderful and amazing that I am so thankful to have you in my life. I promise to love you with everything I have. I will pray for you so that everyday you wake up happy and ready to conquer the day. Get ready for some fun times! Great adventures and journeys we will face together and situations that will make us stronger. Im excited to try your hobbies and for you to try mine. Yes, I know my hobby is makeup but hey you can put it on me. lol.

Getting to do the little things with you will be fun. You watching  disney movies with me and when you want to watch your movies ill be glad to watch them with you. Sitting by a fire having a cold one or just making dinner together having a contest on who can make what better.

I choose to love every flaw you have even though I wouldn’t think that they are flaws they are just a characteristic that makes you and that is something beautiful. When you’re stressed with work or anything life throws at you I will be there to lean on. I’ll be the listener but also the one who will speak my mind about it. I won’t bring you down I will lift you up. When you need time with the guys you will have that and I will have time with the girls but we both know our time together is something we will cherish. You are my best friend as well as I am yours.

I am really ready for this roller coaster ride with you!


I am excited to do life with you,



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