Another Try…

All through high school, I have been overweight. When I was a senior I weighed about 198lbs. I knew when I graduated it was time for a change. The day after graduation I started running around my neighborhood. Within a year I dropped my weight down to 127. It was a shock to me I can admit I was so happy that I was skinny but yet still inside it wasn’t enough. I would take fat burners every day at least twice the amount the bottle said I should take. Food wise I would basically eat lettuce and a slice of turkey. Some days I wouldn’t eat at all. I would also binge eat in the morning or afternoon then don’t eat for the rest of the day. I can finally admit after six years that I had an eating disorder. A year after I reached 127lbs I could start feeling my rib cage, my clavicle started to appear more, and my pelvis was starting to show.  The only energy I was getting was from the fat burners. I was so malnourished my eyes started to sink in and my skin wasn’t the same. I got scared. Something needed to change. I changed my eating and stopped the fat burners. The worst part is I started to eat the wrong types of food that nourish my body.  Within Five years I gained 50lbs. It is now 2018 and I am ready to be back to a lower weight but THE HEALTHY WAY!!!! My weight is currently 174lbs. My eating has gotten better and my training is more intense. Everybody deserves another try. EVEN YOU! So pick yourself up and let’s get to work. Let’s make us better!




Not everyone is okay with the day Monday.  Monday is a perfect day to start something new since its a new week. Today I will start a new goal which I  will make it into a habit.  That goals is to uplift one person a day maybe even more. You never know someone might be having a rough day.


What are your goals?


I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday!




November is such an exciting month! You see everyone getting excited about Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I have coworkers telling me how they are so excited to travel back home to go see there family after not seeing them for four years. It warms my heart to see there excitement in there eyes. It reminds me how thankful I am to have my family close by.

These months and the rest of the months everyone be thankful you have a family that you’re able to see almost everyday. Not many people get that privilege.


Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Month!


Don’t forget to give everyone a meaningful hug and smile.